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What’s in a laptop-only room?

  • An HDMI laptop connection and control panel
  • One or more displays, such as a projector or television
  • A Sharelink to cast from devices to displays
  • A camera, microphone, and speakers

What can you do in a laptop-only room?

Laptop-only rooms do not have a smart podium with a PC or a document camera. Instead, you connect your laptop to the display(s) using an HDMI laptop connection.

Who should use laptop-only rooms?

Laptop-only rooms work for instructors who lecture using only their laptops and do not use tools like iClickers or a document camera. They also work for instructors who want a meeting space with the option of videoconferencing.

Laptop-only classrooms

Building Room # Videoconference enabled? Casting Enabled?
Norm Asbjornson 321 Yes Yes
Norm Asbjornson 325 Yes Yes
Norm Asbjornson 329 Yes Yes
Norm Asbjornson 331 Yes Yes
Linfield 109A No No
Plant Growth Center 212 No Yes