All non-credit courses through ATO should meet the following standards by two weeks prior to course launch. 

Content should be:

  • Consistently formatted:
    • Headers and titles should have similar appearances from page to page
    • Fonts and spacing should be used consistently
    • Proofread and free of errors
  • Organized and easy to navigate
  • Embedded, not hyperlinked, where possible
  • Accessible

Tips and Help

For tips on how to organize your course online, see:

You will also find links to a variety of video tutorials on that page.

For more on creating an accessible course, see:

Ready to Launch Checklist

This checklist should be completed 2 weeks prior to launch and returned to the program manager:

Course elements:

Course should be:


In cases where these standards are not met, ATO may request that the content be brought up to standard by the course sponsor. If these standards cannot be met prior to launch, ATO reserves the right to bring the course to standard and bill course sponsor.