Create an iClicker Cloud Instructor Account

Follow this tutorial to create an iClicker Cloud instructor account linked to your MSU NetID.

Please note that if you already have an iClicker Cloud instructor account, you will still need to create an account linked to your MSU NetID, and the tutorial will cover how to merge the two.

Set Up Your Courses in iClicker Cloud

Enrollment Settings

The iClicker Cloud integration with D2L/Brightspace will automatically enroll your students into your course when you sync your roster. We strongly suggest that you refrain from allowing students to search for and self-enroll in your course, as that increases the likelihood of students enrolling in the wrong section or with a personal email address.

In the Course Information section of your Settings > Course Details, select Students must be invited to this course.

A screenshot of the course information with an arrow pointed to the correct enrollment selection.

Integrate your iClicker Cloud Courses with D2L/Brightspace

The D2L/Brightspace integration tutorial page covers the following: 

Use iClicker Cloud in the Classroom

Note: We recommend using the desktop computer in your classroom with the connected iClicker Base to run iClicker Cloud polling sessions. This allows students to use iClicker remotes to answer polling questions. Click the iClicker Cloud icon on the classroom computer’s desktop to open. However, if you connect the iClicker base to your personal computer, you can also use that. 

Download the iClicker Cloud desktop software to your personal computer here

Additionally, please note that if you have students in your class with iClicker remotes instead of the iClicker Cloud mobile app, they can only respond to multiple-choice polling.

First Day of Class

We've created a first-day-of-class PowerPoint (accessible .pptx) to provide your students with step-by-step instructions on how to:

  • Log into their iClicker Cloud accounts.
  • Add your course.
  • (Optional) Register an iClicker remote.

Download the first-day-of-class PowerPoint (accessible .pptx)

Please update the red text in the PowerPoint to reflect your permitted devices and course frequency if necessary.