What is iClicker?

iClicker is our supported student response system that allows faculty to collect real-time data from their students during a lecture. Faculty can display response rates immediately. Faculty can also store individual responses for potential use in grading (in the form of participation points or points awarded based on the correctness of answers). Faculty find that student response systems increase their awareness of student progress, make students aware of their own areas of confusion, and increase the overall classroom engagement level. 

iClicker Classic vs. iClicker Cloud: What’s the difference?

In the summer of 2022, MSU transitioned from supporting iClicker Classic to supporting iClicker Cloud. For instructors, iClicker Cloud provides seamless integration with D2L/Brightspace, MSU's learning management system (LMS), so importing rosters and sending grades to the LMS is simple. For students, iClicker Cloud is free to use and mitigates the need for an iClicker remote.

iClicker Help & Support

Instructor Tutorials

  • Set up your classes in iClicker Cloud 
  • Create polling questions 
  • Run a polling session 
  • Send grades from iClicker Cloud to D2L/Brightspace 

Student Tutorials

  • Create an iClicker Cloud account 
  • Register your iClicker remote
  • Use iClicker Cloud to answer polling questions 

Knowledge Base

Use the iClicker Knowledge Base to find answers to your questions.


If you need iClicker support or have questions, please emailiclicker@montana.edu.