What is Gradescope?

Gradescope helps instructors seamlessly administer and grade both online and in-class assignments.

Instructors can create and give assignments through Gradescope. They can also upload submissions, grade them using the powerful AI-assisted tool, and then send results directly to D2L/Brightspace with just a click.

Instructors can also use Gradescope as a free alternative to scantron, with the option to upload scans of bubble sheets and have them automatically marked.

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Gradescope Help & Support

Instructor Tutorials

  • Set up your classes in Gradescope 
  • Create and mark online assignments
  • Upload and mark paper assignments
  • Send grades to D2L/Brightspace 

Student Tutorials

  • Log into your Gradescope account
  • Submit assignments

Knowledge Base

Use the Gradescope Knowledge Base to find answers to your questions.


If you need Gradescope support or have questions, please contact Carter Dorsett, Instructional Technologist, Academic Technology and Outreach: 

 Barnard Hall 128