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What's in a dual-content classroom?

  • A smart podium with a PC, HDMI laptop connection, document camera, display panel, and iClicker base
  • One or more displays, such as a projector or television
  • A podium camera and microphone.

What can you do in a dual-content classroom?

You can project content from the podium PC, your laptop, or the document camera onto your classroom's display(s). You can show one input on all the displays, or you can use the touchpad display panel to show two inputs side-by-side. You can use the camera and microphone on the podium to record your lecture.

Who should use dual-content classrooms?

Dual-content classrooms work for instructors who use two inputs that must be visible to students simultaneously. For example, a PowerPoint shows a math problem on one display, and the instructor uses the document camera to solve the problem on another display. This alleviates the need to switch back and forth between inputs, allowing students to review the question as the instructor solves the problem on the document camera.

Special equipment

Some classrooms have special equipment allowing you to better record lectures, teach online and blended courses, or share computer screens.

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Dual-content classrooms on campus

Building Room # Lecture Capture (LCE) or Distance Learning Enhanced (DLE)? Casting Enabled?
American Indian Hall 166 No Yes
Barnard 126 DLE No
Cheever 215 No No
Gaines 101 No Yes
Harrison 115 No Yes
Harrison 123 No Yes
Jabs 211 No No
Jabs 215 No No
Jabs 305 DLE No
Jabs 307 DLE No
Jabs 311 DLE No
Jabs 315 DLE No
Jabs 405 DLE No
Jabs 407 LCE No
Leon Johnson 339 No No
Linfield 125 No No
Norm Asbjornson 165 LCE Yes
Reid 104 No Yes
Reid 108 No No
Reid 401 No Yes
Roberts 321 LCE Yes
Romney     7 No Yes
Romney     8 No Yes
Romney 306 No Yes
Romney 316 No Yes
Romney 408 DLE Yes
Romney 438 DLE Yes