When you register, you will rank each workshop in each time slot. There are three (3) time slots (morning, mid-morning and afternoon) with 5 workshops per time slot.

Before you register, we recommend reviewing the workshop schedule and ranking the workshops your child would like to take. 

Each timeslot must have all workshops ranked 1-5, with 1 being the first choice, 2 being the second choice, etc. When we receive your registration, we will do our best to place your child in their highest-ranked workshop choice. We will process all registrations in order according to the day and time they are received. Therefore, the earlier you register your child, the better their chance of receiving their higher-ranked workshops!

The Fine Print

We do not guarantee that we can place your children in the same workshops as their friends. Workshop placement is based on availability and registration day/time. There will be opportunities to see each other at lunch, afternoon free time, and evening activities.

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