See course descriptions for professional development courses offered for academic credit.

Registration options

Depending on the course, the registration process may vary. The course description will identify the registration process for the course.

  • On-site registration on the first day of class
  • Online registration through Academic Technology and Outreach

How do I pay?

You will pay for your courses when you register. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, personal check, or third-party billing. 

How do I use third-party billing?

If a third party (e.g., your employer, your school, etc.) is paying for your courses, please call our office at (406) 994-6550 or (866) 540-5660 (toll-free) to register.

We are open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm Mountain Time.

When will I be officially registered?

You will be officially registered when we receive payment.

We may also not be able to register you if you are not up to date with all financial obligations to the university (such as library fines, parking tickets, etc.)

What is a hold and how does it affect my registration?

Holds are put on student accounts with unpaid bills to the university, such as library fines, parking tickets, and unpaid tuition or fees from past semesters. You cannot be registered if you have a hold.

If you have a hold on your account, you may also:

  • Not be able to obtain a transcript or your grades
  • Be denied instruction from a faculty member
  • Be denied other university services