In February 2021, TechSmith announced the retirement of itsKnowmialecture capture services. In response to this change, MSU began transitioning lecture capture providers from TechSmithKnowmiato Panopto in January 2022.Starting in the summer semester of 2022, Panopto will be used to create new content.  

Why are we switching lecture capture providers? 

In February 2021, TechSmith announced that it would be retiring its Knowmia enterprise video hosting services. MSU has leveraged TechSmith Knowmia as its institutionally supported lecture capture platform since 2017.  

With TechSmith Knowmia’s retirement announced, staff in Academic Technology and Outreach began reaching out to peers and exploring options for replacing its video hosting and lecture capture capabilities. Following conversations with OCHE and other MUS campuses, MUS entered into a system-level licensing agreement with Panopto – TechSmith’s preferred partner for migration and an industry leader in lecture capture.  

What will happen to my TechSmith videos? 

All TechSmith videos will be automatically migrated to user profiles in Panopto over summer 2022. Once the migration is complete, a third-party vendor will assist in automatically converting any existing TechSmith Knowmia links in D2L course shells before the start of the fall semester of 2022. For more details, see the migration timeline presented below. 

What is the timeline for changing providers? 

January 2022

Panopto became available for use by faculty, staff, and students. At this time, no TechSmith Knowmia content was available in Panopto. Existing TechSmith Knowmia users were able to continue using the platform through all of spring semester of 2022.  

January-May 2022

Academic Technology and Outreach began offering a regular series of trainings and workshops on the use of Panopto. 

May 2022

Once classes ended in May, TechSmith Knowmia recording capabilities were shut off to migrate content from TechSmith Knowmia to Panopto. Links to TechSmith Knowmia content will remain active for viewing through summer 2022, but no new content can be uploaded to TechSmith Knowmia. Instead, Panopto must be used to create new recordings. 

Mid-August 2022

Migration to Panopto is complete. All pre-existing TechSmith Knowmia content is available in Panopto. D2L link migration is completed. Links on any MSU-owned webpages will also be remapped automatically in partnership with University Communications. 

Late August 2022

The TechSmith Knowmia website is shut down, and there is no more access to TechSmith Knowmia hosted content. 

What can I do with Panopto? 

Transitioning to Panopto will be an overall benefit to MSU. The platform includes many of the most popular features of TechSmith Knowmia, such as quizzing, analytics, captioning, video editing,  and Brightspace integration. Panopto adds several highly desired features, including: 

  • Adaptive streaming capabilities to better serve viewers with low-bandwidth conditions 
  • Automatic video captioning  
  • Searchable video content, including all captions and any words that show on screen 
  • Web-based screen recorder that does not require any local installation and supports more operating systems 
  • Ability to record and view multiple camera streams in a single video 

Faculty, staff, and students have had access to Panopto since early January 2022 to begin learning the platform.