TechSmith Relay* is MSU's officially supported lecture capture tool and is available to faculty, staff and students through MSU's TechSmith campus license.   

Lecture capture describes any technology that records live instruction, (including screen capture, audio from mic and webcam video) and makes it available digitally for later viewing/listening.


TechSmith Relay features provide the ability to:

  • Create high resolution recordings
  • Add in-video quizzes for assessment
  • Add closed captioning
  • Access analytics on who is watching content and for how long
  • Integrate with Brightspace 
  • Record anywhere using TechSmith Fuse  (for iOS and Android)

NOTE: MSU upgraded and moved to a TechSmith cloud-hosted solution during winter break of 2017.  The new solution requires that all users, new and old, download a new recorder.  If you used TechSmith prior to  the upgrade please see the Upgrade FAQ for information about content migration, etc.

Get Started:

Access your account and download recorder:

  1. Go to and click the Sign In button.
  2. Enter your NetID and NetID password
    The MSU TechSmith cloud-hosted site opens.
  3. Click the Launch Capture button to download and launch the screen recorder.

For more information on downloading the recorder, see:


How-to Guides & Tutorials

Upgrade FAQ

MSU upgraded from a self-hosted to a cloud-hosted TechSmith solution during the winter break of 2017-18.   

  • Content can't be uploaded to or created on MSU's old server at  
  • Content on the old server was migrated to the new server and can be accessed by logging into the new site and clicking on Library.  See Getting Started section above.
  • Links to existing recordings on the old server will continue to work thorough out the Spring '18 semester
  • New recorder is required (old recorders will not work) and can be downloaded from the new server at, (see Get Started).

Yes! Content from the old server was migrated over winter break . Access it by signing into new site following instructions in the Get Started section above. 

If you are missing recordings in your Library contact for assistance.

Yes, links to content on the old server will remain live and available for use in your classes through the 2018 Spring semester. However, you will no longer be able to create new content on the old server ( .

Yes! Academic Technology and Outreach and the Center for Faculty Excellence will be hosting training sessions see Training Opportunities in right side bar for what's available.

Please email with any questions or concerns.