Do you have a dream for an non-credit course/program or other formal or informal learning activity?

The Office of Continuing Education may be able to help. We are currently seeking to expand our offerings and invite experts to submit proposals for new non-credit seminars, workshops, youth programs, short courses, certificate programs, and institutes.

We hire a mix of MSU faculty/staff and experts from business, industry, and the nonprofit sector.

Historically, we have offered a variety of non-credit offerings for adults and youth. We have focused on workforce development, professional development for teachers, and summer youth programs. We have also offered niche courses for personal enrichment.

You can also apply to offer your students CEU (Continuing Education Units) or OPI (Office of Public Instruction) Renewal Units.

Learn about CEUs and OPI Renewal Units.

Program Proposal Process

  1. Complete a proposal form (.doc) and email it to or mail to Academic Technology and Outreach, 128 Barnard Hall, Bozeman, MT 59717.
  2. A committee will review your proposal, and a program manager will contact you in two to three weeks on status of your proposal.


Proposals will be reviewed on the basis of:

  • Audience targeted
  • Need or interest in the marketplace
  • Expertise of the instructor
  • Timing and format of the program
  • Cost of program and financial risk involved
  • Marketability and ease of promotion

The above criteria applies for all proposals, whether for adults or youth.


If your proposal is accepted and we decide to offer your course/program, we will negotiate a salary with you for your services.

Note: If you are an MSU faculty member be sure to make your dean aware that you are submitting a proposal. If we decide to offer the course/program, you will receive supplemental pay from the Office of Continuing Education.

Our Current Offerings

Current non-credit offerings

Possible Topic Areas for New Offerings

  • STEM Training
  • Financial Planning
  • Computer Training
  • Grant Writing
  • K-12 Professional Development
  • Personal Enrichment Courses
  • Healthcare

Location and Delivery of Offerings

  • Face-to-Face (on-campus or off-campus depending on needs of course/program)
  • Online (live, self-paced, or asynchronous)

Proposal Form

Proposal Form (.doc)

For More Information