Deadline:  Friday, July 16, 2021

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University Information Technology and Academic Technology and Outreach at Montana State University invite proposals for the 2021-2022 academic year relating to creativity in the classroom and digital literacy. In the spirit of promoting these skills across campus, MSU is encouraging the use of Adobe Spark, a web-based suite of creative tools designed to introduce students to video editing, content creation and web design. In order to enhance digital literacy and career readiness across campus, MSU is seeking applications from faculty for funding of $500 to support the revision of an existing course assignment to include student use of one or more Adobe Spark tools.

Examples of multimedia assignments include:

  • English: Write an original poem and recite it in Spark Video.
  • History: Create a museum event poster using Spark Post.
  • Chemistry: Document a lab experiment using Spark Video.
  • Management: Roleplay a conflict resolution scenario in Spark Video.
  • Marketing: Build a webpage to present a marketing campaign in Spark Page.
  • Education: Create a meme-style class announcement in Spark Post.
  • Online Courses: Record and post a personal introduction in Spark Video.

Award Information

Funding is available for 20 proposals at $500 each. Funding for any given proposal is one-time only and awardees should not expect ongoing funding. It is expected that funds will be spent during the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

Who Can Apply

All teaching MSU faculty may apply regardless of program, college or FTE status. The goal is to distribute funding across a diverse mix of disciplines and departments representing a broad range of academic areas. Applications will be reviewed by members of the Academic Technology Advisory Committee.

Getting Started

Visit and login with your NetID and password.From the Spark homepage, you can choose a blank project based on standard sizes (Instagram, Letter, etc.) or customize a pre-populated template.Explore the options available while you draft your proposal.

It may be helpful to review the listof proposals that were in previous years: proposals funded in 2019 and proposals funded in 2020. Please note that the requirements for previous years were related to any Adobe Creative Cloud tool, while this year the focus will be specifically on Adobe Spark.

Project Support

The Digital Literacy Integration Team is available to help you navigate these tools and to inspire ideas for their use. They are also available to make technology recommendations, answer questions and help fine-tune the details of your proposal. All interested faculty are invited to contact us at or (406) 994-6550 for assistance with your project ideas.

Montana State University also provides all faculty with access to LinkedIn Learning where you can watch instructional videos or complete self-paced tutorials on any Spark tool. You must have a basic understanding of the types of media (video, image/document, webpage) and how you will support your students in this project before submitting your proposal.

Award Resources and Requirements

Faculty are required to schedule at least one in-class (live or online) session with a Digital Literacy Coach to assist your students and introduce them to this support channel. These coaches are skilled undergraduates that can provide an introductory demo, Q&A session or interactive workshop for your students.

Additionally, faculty are highly encouraged to complete Spark in the Classroom. This is a 4-hour self-paced course that will help introduce you to the Spark suite and sample projects created by fellow educators.

Faculty will also be provided with a required end-of-course survey to gather quantitative and qualitative feedback from students related to their experience completing the assigned digital media project. Additionally, awardees are expected to share their experience and samples of student work at the end of the project year. 

Eligible Costs

All funds must be used to support digital literacy initiatives in your course. Funds must be expended following MSU and State of Montana policies and will be transferred to the appropriate MSU department, college or unit to be managed. Requests to use funds for additional compensation must follow the Additional Compensation approval process.


  • RFP Distribution – Tuesday, April 27, 2021
  • Submission Deadline – Friday, July 16, 2021
  • Award Announcements – TBA

Proposal Preparation and Submission

Proposals should include a cover page, follow the proposal outline below and be no longer than 3 pages in length. The proposal should be submitted as a single PDF and sent as an email attachment to by 5:00 p.m. on July 16, 2021.

Proposal Review Criteria

  1. Does the proposal include the use of an appropriate Spark tool for the goals and level of the course?
  2. Will the multimedia assignment enhance the learners’ digital literacy and career readiness?
  3. Has the faculty member taken steps to become familiar with the basics of their chosen Spark tool and media type (video, image, webpage)?
  4. Does the proposal outline the faculty member’s plans to support learners in completing this assignment throughout the semester? Scaffolding with an early, low-stakes assignment is highly recommended.
  5. What are the outcomes the faculty member will measure by the end of the project year?


If you have questions about the application process or if you have a project idea relating to these tools that goes beyond the scope of this request, please contact:

Dr. Kim Obbink

Director, Academic Technology & Outreach

(406) 994-5681


Tess Meacham

eLearning Support Manager

(406) 994-6635

Download proposal template (accessible .docx)