Need some help with TechSmith?

Before you contact the Help Desk or email the tech support folks check out these common issues and solutions -- for faculty and students!

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“A lot of students are reporting that they can’t view my video”

There is a known bug we are working to resolve that only effects certain users looking to view TechSmith videos through Brightspace. There are two workarounds from the instructor perspective that you can take to eliminate this issue.

First, you can set the privacy settings for each video to 'Public'. This prevents students from needing to login a second time in order to watch.
Please note -- this will inhibit the ability to track analytics or view how users responded to quiz questions. 


  1. Login to TechSmith Relay at
  2. Open the video from your library.
  3. Scroll down and select the "Privacy" button below the video.
  4. Set the privacy setting to "Public".


Alternatively, if tracking analytics is important for you you can adjust your workflow relating to how you add a video to your course shell and add the video as a link that opens as an external resource. Here is a brief video describing that workflow.