Do you have a special skill or area of expertise? Do you like to share your talents with others in the community? We want to hear from you!

We are always on the lookout for instructors who want to develop and/or teach non-credit seminars, workshops, short courses or certificate programs.

We hire a mix of MSU faculty/staff and experts from the community. Most of our courses are offered face-to-face in Bozeman, but we do have mechanisms for offering courses online or by videoconference, or in a “hybrid” environment, with some material being taught online and some face-to-face.

What makes a good non-credit course or program?

Good course or program ideas are those for which you can show that an audience would be interested in it as well as a lack of local competition.

We will also look at your expertise in your field and your experience as a teacher; and the marketability and ease of promoting your suggested program. We’ll collaborate with you to consider timing, format and cost.

To see what we’re offering right now, visit our course catalog.

Proposing to teach a new course or program

  1. Complete the proposal submission form.
  2. A committee will review your proposal, and a program manager will contact you to discuss further details.

For more information on teaching

Have an idea you just want to talk over? Need more info about how the process works? Email or call (406) 994-6550.

Have an idea but don't want to teach?

If there's a course or program you wish we offered but you're not the person to teach, it, please use our online form to make your suggestion. Thanks!