MSU has assembled a team of faculty leaders in online and remote teaching to serve as peer advisors and provide general support, serve as a sounding board for your concerns and ideas, and show by example how things can be done in a triage mode. 

The faculty listed below are available by college to assist their colleagues. This is not intended to replace the support provided by CFE, ATO and others, but to provide you with connections to experienced faculty colleagues for guidance.

In addition, this page contains links to video, tutorials, and general guidance produced by faculty that is especially helpful.




Bob Peterson


Scott Powell


Shannon Arnold


Brock LaMeres


John Graves


Marvin Lansverk


Heather Hardester


Jennifer Hill


Ann Ellsworth


Lisa Brown

Gallatin College

Denise Riebe


Ginny Bratton


Myleen Leary


Ed Gamble


Alice Running



Additional Resources

John Graves, Master of Science in Science Education Program

John Graves, faculty member and associate director of the Master of Science in Science Education Program, has a lot of excellent tips and information about online teaching on his website: John Graves website

Brock LaMeres, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Brock LaMeres, professor of electrical and computer engineering and director of the Montana Engineering Education Research Center, also has a lot of experience with online teaching. To assist colleagues who haven’t done lecture capture videos, he made a quick start video that he is sharing:

Bob Peterson, Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences

Bob Peterson, professor of entomology in the Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences and director of the online Masters Program in Environmental Sciences, shared this helpful PowerPoint presentation that gives a real example of quickly transitioning from face-to-face content to online content:

Bob Peterson also created these short 10-minute lesson on predator-prey functional response curves for his Insect Ecology course (BIOE 422 / ENTO 510). They will be part of next week’s online content for the course. The second link was recorded earlier and will be part of next week’s content as well. These two recordings demonstrate that you don’t have to create perfect content right now. The main focus is to create resources that will bridge the gap from face-to-face instruction to online instruction.