Shannon Willoughby of Physics recorded a 5-minute tutorial video demonstrating how she uses the polling feature in Webex to conduct exam review sessions using Webex and Brightspace (D2L). She explains the process clearly (including the why and how) and shows each of the steps.

Screen shot of Willoughby's presentation

Play the tutorial demonstrating using the polling feature in Webex for exam review sessions.

Integrity Statement

Willoughby discusses her use of the following Integrity Statement in the video:

Integrity Statement:

By entering my name below, I certify and attest that I will and did not use any other electronic or hardcopy materials besides what is given solely on this exam webpage or receive help from any other person while taking this exam. (Enter your name below.)


(This is at the top of the exam on Brightspace D2L. Students get 1 point for typing their name in the blank.)