Where and How Will My Courses Be Delivered?

Check the schedule of classes available in MyInfo. There, students will find notes indicating if a class is "Internet/Online" or "Blended."


Listings without the added notes of "Internet/Online" or "Blended" will be offered in-person at the time and in the classroom listed.


Remote (Internet/Online) classes can be offered either synchronously, meaning students meet at a specific time and participate with class in real time, or asynchronously, meaning they engage with course materials without a specific meeting time. Internet/Online listings that include days and times are synchronous; no dates and times mean the course is offered asynchronously.


Blended courses are offered partially via remote platforms (internet/online) but with a significant portion of them conducted in-person. Students can check their Brightspace/D2L accounts as the start of the semester approaches to see how their instructor will manage the blend to ensure the best possible learning environment. Students are expected to attend the in-person portions of these classes at the time and the classroom listed in the class schedule.


If you have questions about the delivery method for a course, please contact the Office of the Registrar at registrar@montana.edu or (406) 994-6650.

How Do I Know What Professors Are Planning for Courses?

Faculty will contact students through Brightspace or email a few days before courses begin.  Check Brightspace or your email regularly in the days leading up to the beginning of the semester.