Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

When conducting an emergency shift from face-to-face or in-person learning to online learning for your students, be sure to communicate any and all changes that will take place based on the best practices below, including any changes to expectations, grading, course schedule, due dates, assignments, and formats or methods of conducting quizzes/exams, discussions and assignments. It may be effective during this transition to communicate this out and post it in multiple places such as through email, course announcements and creating a course changes section in the Brightspace/D2L course shell for students to see when they log into the course. 

Developing a plan to communicate with students

Tips for alternative assessment

Teach labs online - labs cannot be taught on campus.

Organizing content for online learning

Posting course materials and readings

Delivering lectures online

Conducting assignments and student presentations

Creating and facilitating online discussions and student collaboration



Teaching from home