From the MSU Roadmap

  • Faculty guidelines for 2020 fall course preparations, Syllabi:Faculty will include in the syllabus plans for how the semester will proceed if there is a transition to remote delivery.
  • Faculty guidelines for 2020 fall course preparations, Switching to remote delivery:Every instructor should be ready to switch to remote delivery if required by the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education, local, state or federal authorities. Faculty will ensure that students know how to access and use the tools and technologies that will allow for an easier transition to remote learning if necessary during the semester.

Developing a plan to communicate with students

Tips for alternative assessment

Teach labs online

Library resources for course content

Organizing content for online learning

Posting course materials and readings

Delivering virtual and online lectures

Conducting assignments and student presentations

Creating and facilitating discussions and student collaboration




Diversity, equity and inclusion in remote learning (video, 1 hr 25 min)

Teaching from home