ATO offers tools and spaces for MSU faculty, staff, and students to connect remotely in real time and work together with others.  


WebEx is a cloud-based video conferencing system for remote meetings and collaboration.  Users can share screens, files, and video.  Members of the MSU community can install WebEx on a desktop or mobile device and share from wherever they are.

Learn more about WebEx.

Room-Based Videoconferencing

Sometimes you need to share on a bigger scale.  For example, you may be leading a group who wants to meet face-to-face and also wants to connect remotely with others.  ATO offers meeting rooms where groups from the MSU community can physically join together and connect with others remotely via videoconferencing. The rooms include seating for the local participants and audio and video equipment to accommodate the remote. 

ATO uses WebEx, other Web-based tools, and H.323 videoconferencing to connect local groups to other locations.  Please contact us to see what works best for you. 

MSU faculty, staff and students can schedule videoconferencing time in the rooms at no charge.  If you choose,  a technician (contingent upon availability) may be assigned to manage technology for your meeting.  The technician frees you to concentrate on facilitating and connecting with others.

For additional information or to schedule a time, please contact us at 406-994-6550 or