Academic Technology and University Information Technology is proud to congratulate the following faculty members who were selected to participate in the Adobe Digital Literacy Course Enhancement Pilot. The projects were selected from a strong pool of applications and combine a spirit of creativity with learning outcomes for enhancing digital literacy. We look forward to working with these faculty members as they implement their exciting projects and help carry the university’s digital literacy initiatives forward.

Scott Bryant

Jake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship

Students in "Team & Process Management Skills" will explore a team-related issue and develop a solution that will be presented in a digitalmedia format and shared to their LinkedIn account.

Mary Alice Carlson

College of Letters & Science

Students in "Ratio and Proportion in School Mathematics" will create a lesson plan that includes multimedia elements designed toengage K-12 students studying mathematics and teachers using the lesson with their students with a goal of enriching the mathematics they will encounter.

Brooke Carnwath

College of Letters & Science

"Intermediate Technical Writing" will introduce an assignment that focuses onusing Adobe Spark to allow small groups of online students to create collaborative, consistent and professional presentations for a non-profit group project.

Haley Dunkel and Jason Hogan

College of Letters & Science  

"Cellular and Molecular Biology Lab" will demonstrate how successful scientific papers incorporate well-designed diagrams, images and layouts in order to more effectively reach a public audience.

Holly Grether

College of Letters & Science

Using Spark Video will help students in "Buddhist Traditions" create a vlog to explore the language of Buddhist iconography as well as compare and contrast various geographical and artistic forms of Buddhist traditions.

Michelle Grocke

College of Education, Health & Human Development

"Culture and Health: An Applied Perspective" will require students to choose a health issue and demographic area then create a research-based global health awareness campaign using Adobe Spark.

Theo Lipfert

School of Film and Photography

"Digital Storytelling and Multimedia Production" will be a brand-newcourse for non-majors and will introduce multimedia as a critical and creative tool that functions to enhance traditional academic work.

Molly Todd

College of Letters & Science

A series of stair-stepped assignments in "Public History Lab" and "Oral History" will guide students from the behind-the-scenes work (such as photo scanning and manipulation, audio recording and editing) through the how-tos of presenting new information in appropriate ways for each designated audience.

Rebekah VanWieren

College of Agriculture

To become better prepared for professional practice, students in "Advanced Landscape Design" will provide and gather comments and markup their design work using Adobe Acrobat DC’s document review tools.

Philip Williams

College of Letters & Science

Students in "History of Chinese Cinema" will create a digital media project that explores one or more films and the approaches taken in cinematography or filmic narrative through creation of a Spark video.