Step 1. Record or upload your video

Record or upload your video with Montana State TechSmith Relay at

Learn how to record a TechSmith video.

Step 2. Click on your video and select Closed Captioning

Step 3. Click Generate Captions

Step 4. Edit the Text Captions

  • You will receive an email saying the captions are complete
  • Go to your video and click on Closed Captions again
  • Select Edit Captions
  • Play the video and view the captions
  • Edit the caption in the caption edit screen. Make text changes.

The captions are under the video and above the video menu bar.

Step 5. Edit Length of captions

  • Edit the length of each caption by selecting its edge and sliding it to touch other captions so captions are always present.
  • Break captions into shorter sections if they are longer than 7 seconds using the Split Caption option.

The captions are under the video and above the video menu bar. Information about the ADA compliance of your video is on the bottom menu bar at the far right.

Step 6. Check ADA compliance

  • Yellow check means you need to review and edit error
  • Green check passes ADA compliance

Step 7. Publish your captions

  • Click the publish captions in the upper right to place captions onto your video
  • Students can now select to view your video with captions or without captions.
  • Click Export to export a caption file. Select .vtt as the format.  To create a transcript file, select the .vtt file and open with Microsoft word.  Save as a Microsoft Word document.