Step 1. Sign into TechSmith Relay

Sign into TechSmith relay at

Step 2. Launch the Recorder

Click download first if you have not downloaded the recorder before.

Download is an option on the Launch the Recorder dialog box.

You might get a notification asking if you want to switch apps.  Say yes.

A Record box will appear.  Select region or whole screen.  Select your microphone and webcam.

In the Record a Video dialog box, select Region or Whole Screen from the Screen area selection dropdown.  Select your microphone from the Record Microphone dropdown.  Select your Webcam next to the label Webcam. The Record button is at the bottom of the dialog box.  You may also press Shift + F11 to record.

Step 3. Begin Recording

  • Click Record
  • Select the screen or area

You set screen size on the fourth option in the record bar.  The record button is the first (far left) button the record bar.

  • Hit Record on the record bar to start recording.
  • Click the stop to finish recording

The record button is the first option on the far left of the control bar.  The stop button is the second option immediately after the record button.

Step 4. Upload your video and save the details

  • Upload the video after previewing
  • Click “Go to Video.” Save any edits to the details

In the Edit Details dialog box, you can specify the title of your video, a description, and a location (where your video will be saved.)

Step 5. Go to your library in TechSmith to view your video